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Dentures – Dallas, TX

Enjoy a Full, Healthy Smile Again

Why Choose Avion Dental & Orthodontics for Dentures?

  • Highly Experienced & Bilingual Dentists
  • Relaxing Dental Office Atmosphere
  • Competitive Pricing & Several Dental Financing Options Available

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

woman with dentures in Dallas grinning from ear to ear

Have you lost several or even all of your teeth? If so, then you might be a good candidate for dentures in Dallas, TX. These dental prosthetics are a wonderful way to instantly bring back multiple missing teeth and help you enjoy a full, healthy smile again.

In most cases, there are only two requirements for patients looking to get dentures: good dental health and a commitment to maintaining an oral hygiene routine. If you currently have gum disease or decay in your remaining teeth, we’ll have to address those issues before placing a denture. You’ll also want your new teeth to last, so you should be ready to keep your dentures in great shape with good oral hygiene practices.

Types of Dentures

two full dentures and two partials

Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, your dentist in Dallas, TX may recommend one of the following types of dentures:

Partial Dentures

If you have a few gaps scattered throughout your smile, then a partial denture can fill in these spaces with ease. Partials consist of a metal framework, a pink acrylic base, and as many replacement teeth as you need to complete your smile. The partial clasps into place behind your natural teeth, creating a solution that is indistinguishable from the rest of your pearly whites.

Full Dentures

A full denture is probably what you think of when someone says the word “dentures.” It replaces an entire arch of lost teeth at the same time. Like a partial, a full denture has a pink base and lifelike artificial teeth. However, it sits directly on the gums. Natural suction should be enough to keep it securely in place, but a small amount of denture adhesive can also be used for additional stability.

Implant Dentures

A full or partial denture can be anchored onto a small number of dental implants, which are titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone. Because these posts recreate the root structure of missing teeth, implant dentures restore more chewing power, stay more firmly in place, and last much longer than traditional dentures.

The Benefits of Dentures

older man visiting his dentist in Dallas for dentures

No matter which type of denture you receive, you can expect to enjoy gorgeous results. We’ll design your new teeth to complement your facial features, ensuring a natural appearance. You can also trust that your denture will fit well enough to remain secure in your mouth, making it easier to eat a diet of various healthy foods.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Top and bottom dentures with money between them

Dentures in Dallas are one of the most affordable forms of tooth replacement. Of course, their price depends on numerous factors. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate when you come in for your consultation. In the meantime, we invite you to read the information below, which will help you understand the cost of dentures and your options for making them as affordable as possible.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

Four types of dentures arranged against neutral background

Some of the primary factors that affect the cost of dentures in Dallas include:

  • Preparatory treatments. Some patients require tooth extractions or gum disease therapy before they are able to receive dentures.
  • The materials used. Dentures typically consist of an acrylic base and porcelain or acrylic teeth. Higher quality materials may cost more, but they are certainly worth it.
  • The type of denture you receive. Whether you receive a full, partial, or implant denture, you can expect the nature of your prosthetic to affect your total bill.

Beware of “bargain dentures!” Many low prices come with subpar results or have hidden fees attached to them.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Illustration of implant denture being secured on lower arch

Yes, implant dentures present a significantly higher upfront cost than their traditional counterparts. After all, they require a more complex and time-consuming treatment process. They may also require more extensive preliminary treatments. However, they are a wise investment. Their longevity means they have to be replaced less often than traditional prosthetics, which may make them cheaper over time. Plus, they offer significant advantages that are truly priceless, such as a strong bite force and reliable stability. Some implant dentures can even be permanently anchored in the mouth, so you can treat them similarly to natural teeth.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Using mobile phone to look up information about dental insurance

Dentures are generally considered a major dental procedure. Most dental insurance plans cover about 50% of the cost of major procedures, up to the amount of a policy’s annual maximum. This means that your plan could potentially take $1,000 or more off the price of your prosthetic. Our team is in-network with many major insurance plans, and we can help you take advantage of out of network PPO insurance as well.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Patient and dental team member discussing payment options

As your denture dentist in Dallas, we want to help you afford your new smile! In addition to helping you navigate your insurance, we offer other provisions that may make it easier for you to manage the cost of your prosthetic:

  • Our VIP Plan. For a reasonable annual fee, our membership plan provides sizeable discounts on many of the services we offer.
  • We are partnered with CareCredit, a third-party lender that offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans. In-house financing is also available.

Would you like to learn more about dentures and their cost? Our team is ready to assist you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.