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Teeth Whitening – Dallas, TX

Remove Stains and Reveal a Brighter Smile

In our culture, white teeth are almost universally regarded as attractive and youthful. But what if your smile has incurred some stains over the years? The team at Avion Dental & Orthodontics is ready to help. We offer both in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening in Dallas. These treatments are fast, effective, and safe for the vast majority of patients. Contact us today to schedule your whitening consultation. We look forward to helping your smile reach its full potential!

Why Choose Avion Dental & Orthodontics for Teeth Whitening?

  • In-Office and Take-Home Whitening Options
  • Faster and More Effective than Over the Counter Whitening
  • Friendly and Experienced Team

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Shade guide next to patient’s teeth, showing results of whitening treatment

Professional teeth whitening can reduce or even eliminate both extrinsic (on the surface) and intrinsic (in the inner layers) stains from teeth. Whether your stains are due to coffee, red wine, or even smoking, professional whitening might be right for you. However, keep in mind that your teeth and gums should be healthy before you start your cosmetic treatment. And since restorations (like veneers and crowns) don’t respond to whitening agents, you may need a different cosmetic treatment if you have any on your front teeth.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Close-up of teeth before and after whitening treatment

Teeth whitening works by using powerful bleaching agents that penetrate the teeth’s enamel and break up pigment molecules that are causing stains. There are many types of professional whitening products on the market, but they generally fall into one of two categories: take-home or in-office treatments. As your cosmetic dentist in Dallas, we will help you decide which option is best for you. You might even benefit from both — for example, you could get started with an in-office Zoom whitening treatment, then use a take-home kit for maintenance.

Teeth trays and whitening agent for take-home treatment

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home teeth whitening is excellent for people who want to achieve gradual results. We’ll provide you with a professional strength whitening kit, and you will use it daily as instructed in the comfort of your own home. You may begin to notice a difference in your teeth after just a couple of applications, but final results usually take two weeks.

Happy female patient undergoing in-office professional whitening treatment

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our Zoom in-office treatment is fantastic for people who want to achieve results as quickly as possible — the process usually takes just an hour or so. We simply apply a whitening gel to your teeth, use a special light to activate it, and repeat the process until your teeth are sufficiently brightened. Zoom is one of the most popular professional whitening systems, and it has been proven to be safe and effective for the vast majority of patients.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

Handsome man brushing teeth to maintain results of whitening treatment

During the first few days after an in-office whitening treatment, you should stick to a “white diet” because your teeth may be extra vulnerable to stains. After those first few days, you can eat normally, but it would be wise to consume dark foods and beverages in moderation. Other ways to maintain your results include:

  • Avoiding smoking
  • Using a whitening toothpaste
  • Visiting us twice a year for professional cleanings
  • Drinking dark beverages through a straw to minimize their contact with your teeth